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CIFIC Auto, Inc. establishment, based upon the CIFIC International, Inc. that was set up in California in 1996, is also a member

of AERA since 1999, and its entire new reconfiguration of the CIFIC Auto, Inc. supplies the market by its six regional distributors nationwide with more varietes of engine parts, such as brand new gas and diesel engine cylinder heads, camshafts, crankshafts, intake and exhaust valves, auto radiators, cylinder blocks, and long blocks.

The shippers under CIFIC Auto, Inc. are located in California, Florida, Missouri, and New York.

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== Warranty:

The installer is responsible for final identification of the replacement cylinder head and the application.

 All the heads shipped to you by CIFIC Auto, Inc. on this invoice address are warranted against defective workmanship only, and are not unconditionally guaranteed against all hazards.

 This Warranty is limited to REPLACEMENT OF THE HEAD ONLY. NO LABOR , NO PARTS allowance are given or intended.  The obligation assumed under this warranty are limited to replacement of  the CYLINDER HEAD ONLY, as therein provided, and are in line with all the other obligations, warrantees or guarantees, express or implied.

Diesel cylinder heads are warranted for a period of Six (6) months.  

Gasoline cylinder heads are warranted for period of one (1) year.

Warranty is void regardless of time or mileage under the following conditions:

 Improper Installation, any modifications against the industry standards;

  1. Improper Installation, any modifications against the industry standards.
  2. Faulty Catalytic converter, Cooling system, radiator, water pump, thermostat, etc;
  3. Unit runs hot – If the original head was replaced because it was cracked due to overheating, before the customer installs the CIFIC head they have to find and correct the problem that caused the overheating in the first place; otherwise, the same problem will cause the CIFIC replacement head to crack and get damaged.
  4. Warranty void if the head was used on a Hi-Performance Vehicle, Race Car, Police or Ambulance Units;
  5. Any merchandise returns must be in a sellable condition or subject to a handling charge

 Units held in question must be shipped back to CIFIC for further check-up before any credit or adjustments can be made.  It is understood that the return of the failed head is essential and that no warranty consideration will be given without it.

 Limitations: CIFIC is not responsible for failures resulting from owner and/or operator abuse or neglect such as, operation without adequate levels of coolant, fuel, lubricants, over-fueling, over-speeding, leaky air intake systems, starting, warm up, run in or shutdown practices.  Owners and/or operator are responsible for lodging, meals and incidental expenses incurred.

 Any claim report shall be presented by the buyer to the seller by the pictures showing : (1) the defective areas in the claimed cylinder head; (2) the vendor ID and its #s ; (3) the productions batch #s before the claim is to be settled down .

 Any disputes or claims (via the court) on the manufacturing quality between Seller and Buyer are to be settled in the seller's city only which is Brea, CA 92821.